Stylish jewelry, when added to any man’s clothing, can add a touch of class and sophistication. On a mission to look their best, men are opting for jewelry styles that are simple, yet classic. Jewelry such as necklaces, pendants and bracelets offer men flexibility in creating the looks they crave. Often seen as an extension of their self, men have given jewelry a voice. Although inaudible, it is nonetheless powerful.


Men can create a look of sophistication by adding a simple chain of true metal. Current men’s fashion finds silver and gold chains popular choices. Men equally prefer colored necklaces or those finished in black, brass or copper. For those who prefer beaded jewelry, neutral colors are best. A necklace in earth tone colors adds character and works well with casual style clothing. Men of all ages should avoid fake jewelry whenever possible.

Chain length is important in creating certain fashion styles. Many choker necklaces and chains are available in lengths ranging from 16″-24″. Fashion etiquette dictates that chains should rest below the collarbone and worn inside the shirt. Necklaces, often sexually appealing to others, look best when included with a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Adding a simple necklace and pendant to a classic white or colored t-shirt is the perfect combination to a man seeking a casual, yet sophisticated look.


Statement pendants, such as the popular inspirational cross pendant and the Ai Qing pendant have became increasingly popular in men’s fashion. Pendants come in many styles with each one representing a different attribute. While the cross pendant symbolizes faith, other men’s pendants represent qualities such as courage, passion, excitement and comradeship. Popular with many other music talents and celebrities, pendants look stylish when added to a simple chain.

Men’s Bracelets

Men’s bracelets can work magic when added to any attire. By adding a one-toned bracelet, a man can go from looking drab to classy with the close of a clasp. Metal bracelets are the perfect addition to any causal or formal clothing. Woven rope/leather styled bracelets are popular favorites among both nature enthusiasts and teen-aged boys. When adding a bracelet to your wardrobe, it should fit firmly around the wrist and be thick enough to prevent it from breaking easily.

In the men’s jewelry fashion, less is more. When wearing jewelry, its best to wear jewelry within the same family of metals and colors. In doing so, you will look great! Sporting a flashy yellow-gold ring, a platinum bracelet and a colored beaded necklace will definitely cause heads to turn, but it may or may not be the attention you want.


custom Initial Necklack,diy necklace clasp custom Initial Necklace Create your own unique accessories

Teenagers have different fashion requirements that make them cool or otherwise, therefore, teenage jewelry is different from what adults would want to wear. Teenage jewelry signifies coming of age and combines the bouncing hormones with funk.

There is little wonder that there are several manufacturers that target teenagers and youngsters alone.

Jewelry is no more about girls anymore, jewelry is favorite among boys too, to look ‘IN’ these guys are ready to wear just about anything that looks different than the rest of the crowd. Teenagers have a variety of choice in jewelry; they have jewelry ranging from plastic to precious metals and semi-precious or precious stones.

It all depends on your tastes and definition on how you choose jewelry, and for teenagers everything cool is almost everything that is not normal. Who would want to wear normal similar earrings in both ears, when there are so many choices available? Teenage jewelry signifies youth in its very beginning therefore the colors are attractive and designs -rebellious.

Apart from the normal chains and earrings, teenage jewelry also showcases a number of different types of rings; these rings can be used for different body parts. Huge range of course is available for belly button rings, which does seem to be the thing to wear at present. Belly button rings are not just rings but lovely looking ornaments, which are designed to draw attention to waists.

In the hip-hop collection specially designed for teenagers, you will find a variety of other types of rings namely nose rings, eyebrow rings, nipple rings (ouch!!), yes those too. All the jewelry happens to be well designed and light to wear so that the skin does not get stretched.

You thing precious metals are for adults only? You can check out the jewelry that has been given a 24-carat gold plating or those small pieces of jewelry that have been made from silver further treated to look funky and attractive. You will also find teenage jewelry in made from semi precious stones, to fancier and expensive ones like Swarovski crystal.

This is no wonder that teenage jewelry is a rage and is also attracting quite some amount of business for the manufacturers. When it comes to teenagers, it seldom happens that whatever mom buys is acceptable, they would like to choose and pick, partly to show independence and partly because they want to wear something different.

Indian culture celebrates marriage as one of the most auspicious events, which establishes a holy bond between the newly married couple and sketches a path of new beginnings. This is why the bride and the groom dress up elaborately for all bridal occasions. Bridal dressing is incomplete if the bride is not adorned with sparkling jewels, which enhance her beauty. Indian bridal jewelry is available in a variety of designs and is considered a must-have for Indian weddings. Nothing can beat Indian bridal jewelry when it comes to grandeur, class, and opulence.

Indian weddings have always been special and glorious. The huge spends on bridal jewelry make this celebration even more pompous. A bridal set comprises earrings, necklace, nose ring, hathphool (bracelet and rings), bangles, anklets, toe rings, maang tikka, kamarband (waistband, mangalsutra designs) and bajuband (armlet). Earlier, wedding jewelry was only restricted to gold, but over a period of time, new innovations took jewelry to a different level. Nowadays, Indian jewelers aim at creating new trends; keeping intact the rich history of Indian jewelry and offer best traditional designs and cuts with some contemporary twist. Today, Indian brides are experimenting extensively with other materials like diamonds, Swarovski crystals, kundan, polka settings and mangalsutra designs accentuated with precious stones like rubies, corals, and diamonds.

However, the trend of using precious and semi-precious stones in not new. From the bygone era, kings and queens have been ornamenting themselves in majestic gold and silver jewels, enhanced with pearls, aquamarine, topaz, and multicolored stone beads. Colored stones add a new hue of fantasy to any exclusive piece of jewelry. Besides this, the history of Indian jewelry can be traced back to the presence of kundan jewels, polka stone, and grand jadau necklaces.

Traditional Indian jewelry is widely popular because of its ingenious craftsmanship and intricate designs. Gold and silver plated necklaces and earrings decorated with kundan art have been sported by women since the Mughal calendar. The royal courtyards witnessed elaborately designed kundan jewels – gold foil setting inserted in between the precious stones – to augment the look of the piece. Beautiful jadau jewelry assortment involves multiple craftsmen who excel in different skills like polka settings (uncut diamond work), meenakari (enamel painting), kundan (gold foil design), engraving patterns and finally adding an imperial finish to each piece of jewelry.

Indian jewelry has come a long way. Now, some of the popular jewelry options for the bride as well as other family members are pearls, stone-studded jewelry, kundan and polka settings. A stunning collection of designer sarees online and Indian jewelry in traditional and contemporary designs ranging from fine costume jewelry to mangalsutra designs and traditional Indian bridal jewelry is available at various online stores. So, log on to one of these online stores, and access a wide range of designer and costume jewelry for yourself and your loved ones, and be part of the everlasting memories of the wedding day.

It is a very common belief that a lady looks incomplete without her ornaments and it is indeed true that jewelry illustrates the aura of the damsel wearing it. Frequently referred to as the item of personal adornment, jewelry is a broad term that covers several wonderful items including rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches or earrings. Jewelry is one such piece of adornment that has been custom made for each of the body parts ranging from hairpins to toe rings.

It is quite interesting to know that jewelry is quite a primitive concept unlike the common belief that it has a modern evolution. According to several archaeological excavations, the use of jewelry dates back to more than a thousand years. Some archaeologists have even gone to the extent of saying that men and women wore some forms of jewelry even before they learned to live in proper forms of shelter!

People since time immemorial have used jewelry as a means of expressing their status, wealth, and personality. At times it is also worn to exhibit certain kinds of art form or simply to cheer oneself and move out from a depressing situation. Another fascinating discovery tells us that some exotic gold jewelry of the Bronze Age (around 2000 BC) was found from some graves in Europe. The unbelievable part here is the fact that all these graves belonged to men! In fact, the most popular gold ornament found in Britain has been the Gold Cape, found in Mold, North Wales. Interestingly, this piece of art also belonged to a man!

In spite of all such discoveries, jewelry today, is the most prized possession of women. They believe that wearing jewelry completes their outfit and enhances the entire outlook. The primary categories of jewelry include the pendants, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings and finger rings with a completely different section for men`s jewelry. However, before buying any type of jewelry, it is important to know what exactly are you looking for, whether you are looking for something in gemstones, or precious metals or a diamond solitaire!

It is not only the jewelry made of precious stones and metals that are popular, but these days there is a growing demand for art jewelry that are well known for their creativity and design. Apart from these, there is also something known as the costume jewelry that is generally used by the masses for their low cost.

With the wedding season approaching, the market for jewelry is on a rise. Every bride wants to wear the most beautiful wedding dress and the most perfect and unique jewelry to match it. Most of the times people prefer to buy such jewelry for their wedding that can even be used later on other occasions. As such gold wins the battle from the rest of its counterparts.

Apart from the contemporary gold jewelery, the white matte gold and the black gold are the most popular items in the jewelry list these days. Finally, the bridal jewelery is incomplete without the most adorable diamonds. The diamond jewelry has always been appreciated by women and always adds the `X` factor to the entire bridal wear.

An important piece of bridal jewelry constitutes the wedding ring. The contemporary wedding rings of today are not just made of a single precious gemstone like sapphire, ruby or blue topaz. It might be a combination of topaz stones and diamond gemstones. A very popular wedding collection is the green amethyst wedding ring paired with the diamonds. However, the final choice is always with you to mix and match the best of all the stones and get the most stylish wedding ring for yourself.

Teenagers always keep experimenting with their looks. Blame their age or their hormones, teenagers are quite fickle minded and cannot stick to one fashion or trend for long. So while buying jewelry for your teenage children it becomes very important to keep in mind that your child might soon get bored with expensive piece of jewelry you bought.

A very important thing to keep in mind while buying jewelry for your teenage child, is that your child might not like the idea of wearing some jewelry that you bought on your own without asking about his/her choice. Teenagers are often rule breakers who believe in getting their own way.

They have their personal fashion statements and like to stick to them as long as they wish to. If you really wish to give your adolescent child some jewelry, then you can ask him/her to accompany you while you go shopping. You can also log on to the net to choose from a wide range. In this way you’ll get your child something of his/her own choice and you can budget as well.

Teenagers often try to get replicas of the jewelry that celebrities wear. Hordes of these types are available in the market in less expensive material to suit every pocket. Other hot trends among the teenagers are jewelry for different pierced parts of the body and funky bracelets and bands. Body piercing is now a rage and has a huge market for jewelry that adorns different parts of the body.

Belly buttons are especially in vogue among teenagers and they sure want to flaunt it off with a funky piece of jewelry. Teenagers often give each other bracelets or bands, woven or beaded, as a sign of their friendship. They often make them personalized by creating these bracelets themselves.

If you don’t want to burn a whole in your pocket by buying expensive jewelry for your teenage child, you can opt for semiprecious gemstones. Gold and silver plated jewelry is also a good choice for the adolescents. Unusual stones, silverwork, leatherwork, beadwork and all types of bizarre things are finding their way into teenage jewelry. Not only guys, but also many girls want a sporty look and try to bring it out with the help of jewelry. Jewelry made of stainless steel, leather, rubber, shell, wood, bone, etc is gaining ground among the teenagers.

Teenagers wear jewelry to stand apart from the crowd. They have a deep desire to be noticed, to be one and yet to be different from the crowd. They wear attractive colors and rebellious designs to draw attention. They have drawn the attention of manufacturers who now pay special attention towards creating jewelry that is designed especially for teenagers.

Jewelry that is made up of semi precious stones or Swarovski crystals has flooded the market and targets the teens. This type of jewelry is not very expensive and at the same time great to flaunt. Teenage dedicated jewelry has in fact added to the business of jewelry makers who now lay great emphasis and attention on making jewelry that actually helps one to stand apart from the crowd.

Jewelry has always been a part of women’s lifestyle from the ancient times. Be it a festival, a social gathering, any religious ceremony or any political affiliation, you can always see women displaying varieties in jewelry. This has been a best friend for them since then. Silver and gold jewelry is even worshipped according to Hindu mythology. This ancient art of jewelry can be found in buried objects or through paintings and sculpture. It’s very difficult to find them originally. Now days there are innovations in jewelry according to the changing trend.

In previous time jewelry basically consists of hairs, feathers, scales, shells, wood etc. in the modern era, jewelry has precious and semi-precious stones embedded in gold silver, diamond copper and brass. Jewelry is designed to wear as earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings etc. you can find exemplary designs of precious stones with the amazing craftsmanship. Exclusive collections of fashion jewelry are made keeping in mind the latest trends.

Fashion jewelry is one of the classes in the world of jewelry. This type of jewelry is made up of high quality raw materials. They are available in unique designs and attractive colors. This jewelry is best to suit your apparels and give you a stylish look. One more type is the costume jewelry which is made of less valuable things like glass, plastic, synthetic stones or other low quality metals.

You always have to take some caution while handling any type of jewelry. As they are very precious so should be kept at some hidden places or in bank lockers. It’s not necessary to flaunt your very precious jewelry everyday. You have other options for this where jewelry is made of less valuable materials as described earlier. These stones are very prone to getting damaged with the environment or chemicals so avoid their contact.

These days a no. of fashion jewelry stores is helping you to have stylish jewels of your choice sitting at your place only. You just have to switch on your pc and browse through different websites to search for your choice. These websites have all information you required. These online jewelry stores not necessarily exist physically in the form of any showroom but part of online jewelry businesses. Some of these kinds of online stores are leading exporters and suppliers; some are retail stores for regional buyers. These online stores providing a collection of unlimited modern, custom beaded and traditional designs and never fail to satisfy you with the product designs, quality and cost. Customer satisfaction is their priority in any deal.

The online stores have varied categories of jewelry that includes fashion jewelry, diamond wedding jewelry, handmade silver jewelry, yellow gold jewelry, gold wedding bands, rose cut diamond rings and other bridal and fine jewelry. In fashion jewelry lots of designs options available like chain design necklaces, antique rose cut diamond fashion bands, sapphire diamond bracelet and many more. People could book their orders anytime at any online jewelry shopping stores in 24 hours. You can also contact any business through contact phone or leave a mail to their email address these all information are available on websites contact us page, and hope you will definitely get your reply soon by website owners or marketers.

This surely is an age of fashion. People have now become so materialistic that they judge one by one’s outer looks and personality instead of one’s inner traits. Media has played an important role in creating awareness about fashion among the people. Women are generally more fashion conscious then men and this is why number of women products now available in the market is much more as compared to men products.

When it comes to women accessories then how can we forget jewelry as women have great liking for it? Their will hardly be any woman on this planet who does not use any jewelry. Jewelry not only adds style to the women personality but also makes them look more beautiful and attractive.

There are two types of jewelry items, artificial jewelry and gold, silver, diamond or platinum jewelry. The artificial jewelry is made from different types of beads. The use of beads is also common in gold jewelry. The various jewelry items commonly used by women include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, rings etc. and all of them contain beads in one way or the other.

There is a huge variety of jewelry beads available in the market each having different colors, designs, sizes, shapes and styles. Beads used for making jewelry items can either be solid or hollow. Most of the beads are pierced so that the thread can easily pass through them. These beads are woven with special thread or tiny wires to make bracelets, earrings, necklace and other jewelry items. This is usually done by hand.

The most interesting thing about jewelry bead is that it is made from various materials including wood, metal, plastic, stone and glass. Another good thing about these beads is that they go well with all outfits and in all functions. Jewelry made from beads is more durable and long-lasting as beads does not usually worn out even after continuous use. They neither corrode nor break down and are also water-resistant.

New Yorkers, trust me, you deserve a good applause! According to a shopping survey done last year, New Yorkers are credited to provide the most business to jewelers, all over America. Moreover, in fact, online retailers grabbed the top ranks on the list. Apart from that, there were some big yet inevitable names like Tiffany, Angara, and Blue Nile etc, to make their presence felt.

However, these days, the jewelers are no more in a relaxed or any party mood. Instead they are all doing their homework hard to create some newer and innovative designs to attract more customers this season. This season, it’s the love term that governs the feelings and emotions of people who love.

Let this period of enchantment be more passionate with some strikingly sweet, sensuous, sentimental and stylish jewelry for your mate. Wouldn’t you be preparing to give her something alluring and precious for her to value lifetime.

Choose such versatile specimens of your mush that would provide her an awe-inspiring moment whenever she spares a tempting yet proud look on the flaunting sparkle.
Therefore, in order to provide that ever-wanted experience for your lady, on this Valentine’s Day. Believe it, it works with great results.

Offer some great looking, freshly fashioned gemstone jewelry. All authentic gems come with names like emerald, ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, and tanzanite, allied with or without diamonds. It depends on individual to individual.

Gift your sentiments with that lovely and adorable Round Ruby Heart Pendant in White Gold. This beautifully set ruby pendant looks so expressive that it reminds of a lovelorn heart, beating for its lady love.

With that crimson extravaganza treasured in the middle of that silvery innocence, ruby appears as if the passionate of emotions treasured inside. This exquisite piece of jewel is a chic one which can suit every kind of a wardrobe followed. That lovely red is so overwhelming that it gives a warm yellow glow of wealth and prosperity, in yellow gold.

A similarly designed, exclusive one is Solitaire Round Aquamarine Sleek Curved Shank Ring in White Gold. Aquamarine is known for its ultra tranquil shade of blue. Its heavenly blissful color of blue and sea-green really create some rippling effects in mood.

Aquamarine gem’s fine display of sparkling details with flawless twinkles inside can turn any woman’s heart incline towards such a fascinating one.

This marvelous, sparkling allure suits every personality type plus occasions. The sleek shank adds to the style quotient of your lady’s. She would definitely love you more than anything after receiving such a remarkable sweet gesture from you on Valentine’s Day.

People who care about style probably own different types of watches. They need watches for everyday requirements, weekend events, and special occasions. Getting a unique timepiece is not a luxury, but a necessity to create a good personal reputation. The accessories have gained much attention since their introduction. The following are some of the reasons why people like stylish jewelry and watches.

1. Fashion- A person wearing these is known as one with a sense of fashion. This is one of the popular choices among the celebrities. These come in many designs and sizes. Many are unaware that not all of them that belong to this category are completely iced out. They are often embedded with colored jewels or paved with diamonds. The iced portions are always the show-stoppers. It is quite difficult not to notice the shiny little stones and magnificent diamonds.

2. Luxury – Due to the popular tendency of these being worn by the rich and the affluent in the society, those who wear these hip hop accessories are the ones who are wealthy. Even the average people who wear these will be able to claim a higher status. The famous people wear most expensive ones which are available to portray their status of achievement. It is all about creating a personal reputation and promoting luxuriousness.

3. Hip hop movement support – Those who wear the stylish accessories are supporters of the hip hop movement. The close association of this fashion to the hip hops community accounts to this perception. This style is for everyone. Most wearers of these are admirers of the hip hop style music. They are usually involved in the music industry someway. Exquisite models of these are often promoted through music videos featuring popular artists in this industry. This often signifies that they are successful and tasteful. This is now being adopted even by the upcoming artists. It is important to create a good reputation in front of the audience, especially in the entertainment business.

4. Show-off – People like to boast about their latest achievements. Import a rare accessory is certainly an accomplishment. Most of them like to grab an accessory that scream out their status. They want to make sure that it receives better attention than similar ones worn by others around. Women use these as attention grabbers in social events.

Even though looks have always been the major characteristic, there is no compromise on the quality. They excel in functionality and durability too. As style changes, newer models find a place in the watch galleries. It is exciting to see the some of the exclusive and impressive collection. These are inexpensive when compared to many other luxury watches.

Today, people attach importance on individuality. They try to express their distinctive character from many ways. Some people choose strange attire to make a difference from others, while many others use stylish jewelry to draw people’s attention.

There is a huge demand of stylish jewelry

These days, people try their best to get unique accessories. They think the normal pieces in the market are too ordinary to express their personality. They are eager to get stylish pieces to show their individuality.

Jewelry making comes to meet such requirement

Jewelry making is an efficient way to get stylish pieces. In the last few years, it leads a hot trend among people. More and more people start to make their own jewelries by hand. These handmade pieces are beautiful and stylish. Therefore, people are able to show individuality by wearing them.

It is quite easy to create a piece of jewelry

Jewelry making is not difficult and intricate. It requires no professional technique. Everyone can complete a perfect piece alone. However, some beginners know little about the materials for creating jewelry. The following are essential elements for designing stylish jewelry.

Loose Beads, the foundation elements for designing stylish accessories

Loose beads are commonly used in designing jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings, and hair clips etc. Numerous beads are available in the market. They come in various colors, sizes, shapes, materials, designs and styles.

The latest trend of loose beads

If you are planning to create stylish accessories, you should keep a watchful eye on the latest trend. European charm beads and gemstone beads are very popular now. Many people are attracted by their trendy and unique designs. European charm beads are often linked with hope and courage. Various minerals and stones are included in gemstones. Many people are fond of necklaces or bracelets made of the two kinds of beads.

At the same time, other Jewelry Supplies are needed

In order to complete perfect jewelry pieces, many other elements are needed, such as, cord, thread, wire, clasps, and findings. These elements are essential for jewelry making. You cannot complete any piece without them.

Different supplies are used for different purposes

Cord, thread, and wire are used to string the loose beads together. Clasps are applied to keep different ends of a piece of jewelry together. Charms, spacers, and pins are common findings for designing. Never look down upon them. They can do great help in finishing a perfect piece.